A War of Words

Heroes fill the sheets in the book of time.

Losers lie littered on their beds of lime.

We boast of gallant feats, forget awful sin.

Tales of our history told by those who win.


Time passes when memory dies.

No untold stories or unseen lies.

Minds made from man-made past.

Lives lost when truth’s cast.


Kings joust for their ideology.

Battles fought by you and me.

Victory penned behind their wall.

The war of words lost to all.


Lines on pages, pages in a book.

Knowledge awaits if you know where to look.

Truth often hides in the space between.

Voices heard, though unseen.


Wars always fought for lessons learned.

Making new ash of histories burned.

Share the inks and all scribble fast.

Then the war of words doused at last.


The End




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