Empty Lot

Our empty lot’s not empty at all.
There’s a tree that’s extra big and tall.
It’s a place that us kids love to share.
It’s on my street so mom needn’t care.


We spend our sunny days in the shade.
There’s lots of dreaming in forts we made.
There’s bunches of dirt to dig deep holes.
Rainy puddles for toy fishing poles.


Our empty lot really has it all,
We hide and seek and sometimes play ball.
It’s the place where adventures begin.
A fence that keeps city out, kids in.


We’ve bugs and spiders, squirrels and cats.
There’s soft grass to sit for quiet chats.
We see dogs on leashes and birds without,
Some tweet, sing sweet others shout.


There’s rope jumping girls and running boys.
Everyone brings their favorite toys.

Weeds make jungles for our tiny men.
Tiny cars we lose then find again.


A place on Sundays for dads to mow.
A place anytime where friendships grow.
When the day’s fun’s done, I say goodnight.
To my old friend, under the street light.


The End




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