Mind Over Maturity

Whilst all the young may have youth,
not all the youthful young.
Youth’s not measured by our age,
or the passions we engage.


It’s not about time at all,
or being big or being small.
It’s not a question of maturity,
rock star travel or annuity.


It’s the way we feel and perceive,
of life’s fascinations to conceive,
hopes, dreams and wishes to believe,
it’s how we love and how we grieve.


A youthful heart’s quick to mend,
quick to receive, give and lend.
Wonders abound in youthful eyes,
birds soar higher in bluer skies.


Yet youth is stolen by the fiendish lie,
That getting older is preparing to die.




Forging Change


Around the block a time too many

Quick to bend for the penny

Though change not found on the ground

While chasing a tail all around


Change not found on the street

When heads in clouds and eyes on feet

For change is forged from within

To not share warmth one can’t begin


With hammer heavy and anvil steady

Strike when hot and at the ready

Feel the burn and see the glow

Change’s forming with every blow


Value anew will quench the way

Lungs full bellow every day

Brains to flame, time is ore

Same for all, some change more