On the Verge

Infinity is
Where the parallel converge
To again diverge



Art Is

The expression of time in medium
Through focused jubilant tedium
Seeing our world with open eyes
Recording all without disguise
Art’s a cause for sharing good
A cause to share as we should
Art needs no leave or applause
Art is just, just because
Stagnation rots, life’s to quiz
Be cause, art is


Off to See

The sea’s the source of life that be.
Life’s the beginning of all’s journey.
Journeys inform of real diversity.
Reality is what we individually see.

Fantasy’s what we make it to be.
Science is what we think may be.
Thought is time with mind set free.
Free is what we’d love to be.

Love unites, we all agree.
Hate divides universally.
Together to agree to disagree,
a reality of peace we then may see.