Morning Triku #168 ~ Visceralating

Hidden in Plain Sight

A trusting person,
most always seen trustworthy.
No trust, see themselves.

Cliff Notes

Time’s always trying.
But better to try and fail,
unless failure’s known.


Among the obtuse,
some angles draw focal points.
Perspective’s achieved.



Morning Triku #167 ~ Excepting


Distractible and Chair

Life is distracting
when hours and hours required
recording seconds.

Roads Ahead

Taking a backseat
is often bumpy, but not
in a limousine.

Spooning’s Good

When writing’s your path
take all the forks you can get
and ignore the knives.

Morning Triku #166 ~ We Are

Grays are Lies

To write with the dawn,
sky’s to rise to brilliant eyes.
To her I am drawn.

Tests Are

Sunday mornings are:
times of quiet and peaceful rest,
shared zest, feeling best.

We Are We

We are as we are.
We’re at the place that we are.
We choose who we are.


Morning Triku #164 ~ Fine Lines


Perspective’s the Point

Renaissance people
love and share to forever grow,
rebirth’s far too slow.


Ills to Frills

Hate kills and love thrills.
Words will chill with fiery quills.
Never still pays bills.



Hatred in the heart
cedes peace to heat in the head,
when one dies, two dead.