Write On Time

The colors of morning fill sleepy eyes.
A blank page awaits today’s sunrise.
Dreams are fading with a new day’s start.
Reality awakens with love in my heart.

Thoughts of you fill my scrambled mind.
Words are brewing but they’re yet to find.
Passion’s tricky to express in rhyme.
Though volumes written for you in time.



Sound the Alarm!

I think I saw a fairy flying in the wood.
I think I saw a fairy, wouldn’t that be good.
I think I felt that fairy skim across my face.
Speedily she flitted, must’ve been a race.
I know I saw that fairy come fly my way.
An alarm then soundly sounded,
I think I’ll start the day.


This Lucky Sky

The future awaits your love song,
so I’ll keep writing, it won’t be long.
It’ll be the story of a lucky guy.
He looked to the heavens and given the sky.

His clouds paint murals of contemplation.
The wind whispers melodic inspiration.
In the dark of night visions now clear and bright.
The day’s sunlight consumed by your sight.

Sunrise’s more vibrant as each new day begins.
Sunsets shared and this lucky guy wins.