Perpetual Smiling

Solace can be found when joy’s all around.
A smile on a face puts us in that better place.
Love in your heart’s the perfect place to start.
When the love is shared nothing’s ever feared.
A twinkle in an eye reflects a sparkling sky.
The warmth of hands held, souls mold and meld.
When loving arms hold in whispers secrets told.
On lips fingers trace a smile on a face.
Two smiles we then feel knowing love is real.
Solace is then found and joy’s all around.



Makes My Head Spin

I watched the sun rise,
with big sleepy eyes,
while I wait for the day to begin.

There’s a chill in the air,
but warmth’s always there,
from a heart that lies within.

Soon I will see,
what love’s meant to be,
with a simple touch of your skin.

Thoughts start to flow,
on paper they grow,
my lips form a grin.

Thinking of you,
and for me what you do,
today I’m sure to win.