Dream the Dream

Time to wake,
let dreams begin.
The sky’s blue,
our joy’s within.

The morning’s warm,
heads are cool.
Heart’s on fire,
hard to fool.

Eye’s to open,
lips to touch.
Body’s to whisper,
say so much.

Souls at peace,
love we win.
Time to wake,
our dreams begin.



Cycling Foward

Tomorrow’s poem I’ve yet to write.
My day was full as is the night.
My mind is racing, my hand still.
Emotions’ flowing but dry is my quill.
My eyes grow heavy in search of light.
My body’s weary, none left to fight.
Soon I’ll dream of worlds unknown.
All ends the start of a new day grown.


No Alarm

While you slept I shared your dreams.
We’ve happy times and future schemes.
While you breathe my heart does beat.
When two’s in sync a life’s complete.

The sun will rise, the birds will sing.
Your eyes will open and joy it brings.
Our day will start in warm embrace.
The love is felt on your sunlit face.


Taking Turns

The future holds tomorrow’s key.
Turn the latch or let it be.
Day and night’s time we see.
Dreams blind, mind’s free.

World’s explored, new people met.
Creatures frolic with no regret.
Wingless we soar without a net.
Color suspends our endless sunset.

But awake we must, we must agree.
Some turn over, some turn the key.


Dream Reality


Soar with me my dragonfly.
We’ll journey to a distant sea.
Where the Mer folk swim effortlessly,
in this sea Mer’s too we shall be.
There to venture most happily,
awash in time, floating blissfully.

Then to walk we will in loving tranquility.
On paths uncharted we’ll roam free.
We’ll dance on rainbows days not sunny.
Our mind’s impassioned, bodies tingly.
To soar, you and me, we’ll dream reality.
And in age we’ll see. timelessly.