Our hectic week’s now nearly complete.
And buy the end of today again we’ll meet.
Though our time’s short it’s worth the trip.
For the essence of each soon we will sip.



The Isle of Oz

Time cycles in waves unsure.
With depths endured and peaks pure.
Emerald horizon’s the journeys allure.
And the loveliest shade I’ve ever seen,
she’s my inspiration with eyes of green.
She’s my beacon forever bright.
Her heartbeats share melodic delight,
beckoning calm in the darkest of night.
Stormy seas we’re never to fear.
When love to harbor’s always near.


Makes My Head Spin

I watched the sun rise,
with big sleepy eyes,
while I wait for the day to begin.

There’s a chill in the air,
but warmth’s always there,
from a heart that lies within.

Soon I will see,
what love’s meant to be,
with a simple touch of your skin.

Thoughts start to flow,
on paper they grow,
my lips form a grin.

Thinking of you,
and for me what you do,
today I’m sure to win.


Dreaming Reality


I woke today all askew.
Got up late but dreamt of you.
Our day was perfect, evening grand.
We watched the sunset hand in hand.
The moon rose and stars shined bright.
There could never be a better night.
Then a bell rang, my dream was done.
But I’ll see you soon for some real fun.


The Leaves We Read

We sometime get what we want.
We sometime get what we need.
Sometimes both are satisfied.
That’s when we truly succeed.
When wants and needs are met,
hearts and minds are freed.
When time and space align,
growth assured for the seed.