Morning Triku # 174 ~ Good Starts

No Down Side

not about making things up,
it’s making things work.


If love made as much
as the time I spend writing,
I’d no time to write.

All Good

Love is beautiful,
when all else is not. Love is
all when from the heart.



Divine Creation

The weekend’s begun with a cloudy start.
My love is away, I alone with my art.
The evening will come and laughter we’ll share.
Our time we’ve created with passion and care.


Physcophysical Physics


Time’s the space between events.
Events made from cause and effect.
Effects felt when closing space,
causing events to speed up the space.
Much like life, love and lust,
the time comes and in we’re thrust.
The future is and the past was,
effecting all, just because.


Memorable Hues

A night alone but I’m not blue.
Another day and I’ll be with you.
Now I’ve time to ponder and appreciate,
our time together since our first date.
A cup of coffee in a winter chill,
I was greeted with warmth, remembered still.
Seasons have past and love’s grown for you.
Our autumn awaits, never again blue.


The Glee of We

Daily poetry’s flowing free.
It’s the thought of you and me.
A dream come true, I couldn’t foresee.
She’s a vision of loveliness if ever there be.

This wonderful surge came surprisingly,
though an end will come to this writing spree.
But my love will keep, I hope you see.
The only limit is my longevity.