Time’s Up for Down

Days spent in mourning,
nights spent a daze.
Sleep brings no solace,
awaiting morning’s haze.
Time has no meaning,
when only ends are sought.
Life has no feeling,
when the mind distraught.
Pleasures now elude,
the walls are closing in.
Darkness’s soon to follow,
trapped beneath this skin.
Hopes and dreams dissolved,
a mix of bad and worse.
And all that will remain,
yet another mournful verse.



Mourning’s Time  

Mornings lost to mourning

Day’s lost to night

Night’s lost in darkness

Darkness longs for light


Sleepless nights, hopeless days

Hopeful nights, time slight

Day’s lost in hands-of-time

Time  wins times fight


Fists hide mourning’s face

Gentle hands, mornings bright

Night stars light mourned

Suns rise, all’s right


Nights fall, mourning ends

Faces shine ending fright

Mourning put to rest

Day returns to sight