Joys Enjoyed

We’ve seen our baby’s first steps and the fall that stings.
There have been tiny kittens and balls of string,
children’s laughter on the backyard swing.
And a pouncing puppy with a new chew ring.

We’ve heard fledglings learn from mom to sing.
Felt the love of another, forever to cling.
Saw young gulls afloat on untested wings.
Now to enjoy joys again with all the joy you bring.



Visions of Another’s Morn

Fog slowly lifting, there’s a chill in the air.
Ocean breezes billowing through tousled hair.
Footsteps on an endless beach led to today.
Horizons coming into view, here we will stay.




Magicians, Beauticians or a nuclear technician;
Waiters all are we in this timely transition,
waiting from birth for sublime justification,
resting eternally with cosmic salvation.

Lying in wait for a future incarnation,
floating high with delicious damnation,
blatantly we borrow for ageless hibernation.
But the past is now for a next generation.


Perfect Ends Perfect Beginnings

A Sunday sunset burst in pastel haze
fading slowly into violets and grays.
Dazed, a pink moon rose in celestial majesty.
This world now out shined for all to see.

Climbing silently over old roofs with leaks,
over the gables of ages and chimney peaks.
In blackness spires spied from the grave.
Leafless limbs shatter this image to save.

A puffy patchwork lace glows with absorption.
Wavy glazing enhances with its distortion.
Betwixt this web our phloxen orb floats higher.
Distance retreats time forward, we both tire.

Starlight dreams swap this rare focal storm.
Spring’s now vaulted into the nightly norm.