Oddly Enough

Fifty percent of
marriages end in divorce,
the remainder’s death.



Pre and Post Phobia

Cries, Yells and Screams!
Distant black and white dreams
Monochromatic and systematic
Volume’s pitch and problematic

Concrete walls and metal stairs
Echoing the petrified and no one cares.
Mouthy aches and heady tales
Decades pass and pain prevails


The Void

Bedtime soon and demons shall awake;
but with a soul gone there’s none to take.
The screams in my head scare the spirits away.
Nightmares fast-forward to the light of day.

The ghosts turn white when I yell boo.
And the Reaper can shove his sickle too.
Coz in reality horror lives and fantasy dies.
And sleep‘s just a void behind closed eyes.